Raphael Dakik (born on August 17, 1998 in Düsseldorf) is a Lobbyist, having build up a reputation as an international mediator and political young leader.

He is a Sayyid, meaning a descendant of Prophet Muhammad.


Law Studies in Germany (Mid-term Exam) with IR credentials at UOL directed by LSE

Currently: Master Studies in Management with an additional CFE (Certified Financial Engineering) qualification

Septalingual Polyglot

▪︎German (Native)
▪︎Persian (Native)
▪︎English (Native)
▪︎Arabic (Intermediate, Persian Accent) 
▪︎French (Certified C1 Level)
▪︎Portuguese (Intermediate, Brazilian Accent)
▪︎Italian (Beginner) 

Government Advocacy Projects


  • Advocacy for an international Human Rights NGO in front of the German Parliament and US Congress (2020)

  • Advocacy for a Foreign Ministry in front of various Governments targeting Diplomatic Rapprochement through Commercial Strategies (2020-2021)

  • Advocacy for Afghan Royalists infront of the Swiss Government targeting the re-establishment of the Afghan Kingdom after 40 years of abolishment (2021-2023)

  • Advocacy for a humanitarian NGO in front of the US and European Administration targeting the upscale of the quality of life in third world countries(2021-2023)

  • Advocacy of various African Countries (Presidential and Gubernatorial Level) targeting Infratstructural Development in front of the Swiss Government (2023)