His Highness

Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik

اعلى حضرت 

سردار سید رفایل دقیق

His Highness name in Persian calligraphy


Princely status

Founding the States of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Afghan Royal (grandfather was cousin of last Afghan King His Majesty Zahir Shah)

Picture: His Royal Highness Prince Abdulkhaliq (middle) as UN ambassador of the Kingdom of Afghanistan, grandfather of H.H. Prince Sayyid Raphael

Excellence in Entrepreneurship

His Highness Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik, known under his civil name as: Raphael Dakik (born on August 17, 1998 in Düsseldorf) is a Prince, Transaction Lawyer specialized in Technological Solutions and Development Lobbyist dedicated to the amelioration of the Quality of Life (QOL) in third world countries. 


After his General law studies in Germany, the Prince integrated his legal know how in his families ventures of Excellence since 2019. 

He has consulted companies in Business Excellence as part of his prestigeous family since 8 years and is right now an experienced Transaction Lawyer with a vivid specialization in Technological Solutions.

Alma Mater

Pantheon-Sorbonne University

His Highness takes pride to attend at the same alma mater as his grandfather H.R.H. Prof. Dr Abdul Khaliq Khan, who was the first middle eastern royal to acquire his PhD in Physics from the elitarian and prestigeous Sorbonne University in Paris.

It is after Oxford the oldest University in Europe, operating since 1253.

London School of Economics

#2 in Diplomatic Sciences and International Law, surpassing Oxford and Cambridge University in these fields according to QS ranking.

His Highness educates himself further in International Relations, specialized in Law and Diplomacy and Development

German Universities

When it comes to Technology the Germans are the best. "Engineering made in Germany" has a prevailing reputation in quality and  knowledge.

His Highness has his Alma Mater in Physics and Transaction Law from German Universities.

Social Contribution of Dakik family

The Prince works with his family in the field of Diplomacy between many states of the world. His Diplomatic activities include Lobby activities in the field of development in developing countries with a strong network of partners made up of Ministers, Royals and academics worldwide.


The Prince is the son of Afghan Royal Sultan Masood Dakik, whose father Prince Abdulkhaliq former Minister, UN Ambassador and Afghan "Father of Physics" is a cousin of the last Afghan King Zahir Shah. Sultan Masood fled from Afghanistan to Germany because of the Soviet invasion in year 1978.

His maternal grandfather Sayyid Mir Assadullah is Afghan "Father of Financial Accountancy", Statesman and former Afghan Minister of Sports.

As descendants of the Mughal Oligarch Hazrat Ishaan and Sayyid Bahauddin Naqshband, the Prince is descended from the Prophet Muhammad in various lineages, the closest being in the 32nd generation.

H.E. in the Danish state House

Picture: His Royal Highness Sayyid Sultan Masood Dakik

Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik is the oldest son of Sayyid Sultan Masood Dakik

  • Born 19. August 1967 in Kabul as member of the Afghan Royal family from his father´s side

  • His mother was daughter of Afghan General and Royal secretary of finance Sayyid Mir Muhammad Jan

  • Evacuated after the Saur Revolution by the Federal Republic of Germany as the Communists persecuted his family

  • Initial businesses in international Production (Oil&Gas and Mining)

  • Worldwide respect for his international philanthropic projects

  • Cooperative state development initiatives in the third world through know how transfer from the European Union