HH Prince Raphael Dakik

Raphael Dakik (born on August 17, 1998 in Düsseldorf) is a Lawyer and Government Relations Expert with freelance consultancy experience as a Lobbyist in the operational Up Stream Oil and Gas industry.

Septalingual Polyglot

German (Native)
Persian (Native)
English (Native)
French (Fluent, certified C1 Level)
Arabic (Theologic)
Portuguese (Intermediate)
Italian (Beginner)


After an exclusive internship in the German Federal Parliament in 2016 and a year of travelling the world, Raphael decided to start his fundamental studies in law from 2017-2020. 

He extensively studied International Relations at LSE and switched for his Master of Laws (LLM) in Oil and Gas Law at the University of Aberdeen. Extensively he studies Mathematical-Technical Software Engineering for his European Patent Attorney Qualification. Raphael´s long term target is to earn his PhD Degrees in Law and Engineering.

Oil and Gas Business

Raphael initiated holistical Consultancy that included Project-, Supply Chain- and EPC-Management Consultancy as well as Governmental Relations. He merged his first own Oil and Gas Lobbying SPV called Astaan Consultancy Company into his family´s conglomerate of companies in year 2021.

Corporate Executive

Since 2021 Raphael acts as Vice-CEO of his family companies. The companies are registered in Germany and the UK and mainly focus on the Renewable Energy and EPC sector.

Political Analytics

Raphael carried out an IR research project, receiving support from Senior politicians worldwide. It was dedicated to experimentally research the feasibility of re-establishing the Monarchy in Afghanistan again for enduring peace.

ESG Strategies

Due to his activities in the Oil and Gas Sector, Raphael has set up a very strong network on which occasion he integrated Pro-Bono strategies solutions for mandates and friends. His focus lies on Technocratic Advocacy of CCUS solutions for a realistic green oil and gas transition policy.


Raphael supported the Establishment of the Alliance of International Aid, an organization that is dedicated to upscaling the quality of life through international aid and development worldwide.

Private Life

Raphael is living a simple life with his family in a calm village in Western Germany. As members of the Muhammdzai Royal Family, Raphael´s family escaped from the Soviet Invasion. His passions are Sports (Fitness&Combat) and intellectual dialogues in Law and Quantitative Sciences. For his Patent Attorney Qualification, he is employed in the Telecommunication sector and spends most of his free time with his most dedicated religious disciples. He is the incumbent hereditary Supreme Leader (Hazrat Ishaan) of the 700 year old Naqshbandi Confederation.