Private Office

The Private Office is a task force in the legal form of a GbR (German: Society of Civil Law) with the purpose of dedicatively supporting Raphael´s unilateral visions and interests. The task force is made up of Envoys who are specialists in a certain field.

Visions and interests:

1. Climate Protection
2. Technological Innovation
3. Global Rapprochement

Picture: Raphael´s private Logo

Honorary Chancellor: Sayyid Adnaan Ahmed

Honorary Vice-Chancellor: Alexander Husar

Andreas F. Liesch

Special Envoy for Swiss and Liechtenstein Affairs
Former National Board member of the Swiss National Party
Accredited delegant of the Swiss gov. to the Prince of Liechtenstein

Prof. Mauro Polticchia

Special Envoy for Global Communicational Affairs
Professor and head of Department of Marketing (UNIMEIER)
Senior Executive at TNS including LG

Hon. Steven C Watkins

Special Envoy for Transatlantic Affairs
Harvard Graduated US Congressman
Former member of the Comittee on Foreign and Veteran Affairs

Conor Clifford Murphey

Special Envoy for Mining Affairs
Oxford Graduated Physicist
Experienced Islamic Banker

Prof. Gareth Peters

Special Envoy for Statistical Affairs
Janet and Ian Duncan Endowed Chair Professor of Actuarial Science Chair Professor of Statistics for Risk and Insurance

Prof. Milos Djukic

Special Envoy for Global Hydrogen Affairs
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (University of Belgrade)
Experienced Oil and Gas Specialist