Curriculum Vitae

Responsible and Meritocratic but Simple

Hard Skills

Academic Pathway

Bachelor Level: German Law and Chemical Engineering (Germany)

Master Level (currently): Oil and Gas Law (LL.M., Scotland)

Extension Studies: International Law (Harvard Extension School)

Languages (Trilingual Polyglot)

English (Mother tongue)
Farsi (Mother tongue)
German (Mother tongue)
French (Fluent, Business Level)
Arabic (collequal)
Brazilian Portuguese (collequal)

IT Hard Skills

MS Office
Web Development (HTML, CSS, CMS)
Programming Languages (Java Script, Java) 
Expert in OSINT Analysis (Open Source Intelligence)

Practical Experience

Chief Executive (Governmental Affairs)

Sept. 2020–Apr. 2021 · 3 Jahre 4 Monate

HRH has practiced political advocacy and diplomatic arbitration consultancy as CEO of his own Diplomatic Arbitration firm Astaan Consultancy Company.

As an Inhouse-Lawyer (dt. Wirtschaftsjurist, fr. juriste d´enterprise) HRH has advised mandates in:

Political Advocacy and Diplomatic Arbitrage
International Legal Compliance
Risk Management
Asset and Portfolio Management
Project Development and Strategic Management
Crisis Management
Business intelligence

HRH has closed the company as he and his family anticipated the fall of Kabul on which
occasion his family´s projects got centralized and His Royal Highness dedicating most of his time as the head of the Royal Afghan Government in Exile to find solutions in light of the current humanitarian crisis.

Corporate Legal Counsel

Oct. 2017–June 2021

Next to his Law Studies, Raphael practiced his Legal Skills and Contractual Management
capabilities as well as Project Quality auditing.

HRH has organized and held meetings with prestigeous political as well as economical
leaders, negotiated as representative of his partners and seniors and worked on the draft of the following contracts in international jurisdiction, including European and GCC law:

JV agreements, Shareholding Agreements, Articles of Associations, Trade
Agreements like SPAs, R&D Contracts, Consultancy Agreements, NDA/NCNDA,
IMFPA, Individual agreements, Power of Attorneys

HRH also engaged in holistic Quality audits that included working with concepts like:
Six Sigma including the DMAIC Concept and initiating in his audits and Due
Diligence especially in the field of:

Finance, Insurance, Commercial, 3C(Culture, Communication and Change), Legal,
Operations, Related to HR, Organization, Related to Real Estate, Environment

Management Practice

Juli 2016–Ongoing

As a holistic Manager at his family´s Group of Companies that entails a high
number of SPVs, HRH was dedicated to upscale the quality of development of his family´s projects. HRH has especially upscaled:
1. Intellectual Capital Management
2. Operational Business Excellence Management as well as
3. Human Interaction Management skills
4. Quality Auditing
5. Political Advocacy and Diplomatic Arbitration
6. Innovation Management

HRH´s strength as a knowledge worker is to establish an optimal system of know-how
transfer for the purpose of upscaling the quality of our projects that includes to:

1. Planning Projects from conception to implementation
2. Time Management
3. Risk Compliance, assessing project risks and opportunities
4. Execute each phase of the project life cycle
5. Asset management, creating, allocating and managing the budget
6. Communicate with all stakeholders
7. Troubleshoot problems and challenges
8. Logistical Management of the end product or service

Furthermore HRH has also upscaled the key accounts of his group, established market
entries and evaluated various strategies.

He also lead companies by himself as CEO.

HRH´s mandates included Governments, NGOs and top business firms worldwide.

Internship Program

German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag)

Sept. 2016–Oct. 2016

HRH has been invited to intern in the German Parliament and was preferred by his
supervisor, the former head of the investigative comitee, over the son
of the Spanish Ambassador in Berlin.

HRH had worked with the team of Dr. Krüger in investigating Cum Ex Affair Scandals
as well as managing the needs of the inhabitants of his supervisors district. As an open-minded and Western intellectual on the one side and as a Middle-Eastern Aristocrat on the other side, HRH also advised German MPs in conduct with Islamic countries, which was highly appreciated.

HRH had the choice of either studying Medicine in Eastern Europe or Law. This internship awakened his passion for Legal Science.

Private Life

As the current Grand Master of the Qadiriyya Naqshbandiyya Confederation, His Royal Highness is living an ascetic lifestyle. 

In honor and memory of his honorable and noble grandmother Her Royal Highness Princess Sayyida Rahima Dakik (God´s mercy be upon her) he lives a calm and simple life with his relatives in a German village in which his late grandmother (God´s mercy be upon her) enjoyed to live her last years.