Farmanhai Sharif

The noble messages

My dear and beloved Murideen I want to emphacize from the depth of my that our religion Islam is to ease our lives and not to harden it. There are many ways of Ibadat, so you must adjust it in the most ideal manner in light of your responsibilities including family, jobs as well as social commitments.

On Tahajjud

My dear and beloved Murideen while others engage in Zina, it is an opportunity for us to make a difference and stay awake at night and glorify our creator. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet who has taken Prophet David as the most excellent example of Abideen of Allah.

The most ideal way of Tahajjud is as my ancestor Muhyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) desrcibed:

Sleep the first half of the night and then wake up for Qiyam. Say Tasbih waking up and recite the ten last verses of Surah Al-Imran.

Say the Tahajjud Dua proclaiming that Allah and his message is Haq and do it with the Tawasul of the Awliya. Then recite 10x subhanallah 10x alhamdulillah and 10x la ilaha il allah. In the last three times reciting the Shahada though shalt look right saying la ilaha and then to your heart, saying ilallah for that is the way of Zikr Rasul Allah (s) taught Hazrat Imam Ali (kw).

After you have done so pray 12 Rakahs of Tahajjud.

If you are motivated you can feel free to perform Salat ul Tasbih according to the Sunnah as Rasul Allah (s) after Tahajjud prayer engaged in Tasbih.

If you want more, than go ahead reciting the holy Quran according to Surah Al Muzammil for maybe an hour and then engage in Istighfar. Then seal your Tahajjud with Witr prayer and take a rest in the last hour of the night.

Then wake up and glorify your Lord (swt) in Salat ul Fajr.

But keep in mind, that you must not overburden yourself, for Rasul Allah (s) said:

"Your body has a right on you."

So if you are very exhausted and need your sleep, please sleep in Zikr of Allah, glorifying him in your beds until you fall asleep, so that your Zikr becomes automatic.

Thus did my grandfather Rasul Allah (s) proclaim:

"The sleep of the scholar (or ascet) is more valuable than the prayer of the ignorant (the one who does not engage in Zikr)."

On Fasting

Oh my Murideen. Autumn has started and the days are getting shorter. This is an opportunity for Davidian fasting, fasting every second day for it is according to the Sunnah of my grandfather (s) the greatest way of fasting. 

But beware of fasting everyday for my ancestor (s) proclaimed that fasting everyday is as you would never fast, as there is no Ijtihad with your body getting used to it. 

One might ask, how it is possible to fast every second day as the number of days of the week is odd and friday is Eid acording to the Sunnah.

Fast as follows: On Monday, Thursday and Saturday (as long as it is not colliding with your family life)

Thus fast that way until spring arrives. When the height of spring arrives engage in fasting only every monday and tuesday. When the peak of summer is reached though can only fast the white days of the lunar month (13th, 14th and 15th day). 

This is all according to the Sunnah my followers.

 Fasting is a great opportunity, because one day distances one from hell fire in the distance of 70 years. 

Your fast is dedicated to Allah and he loves your struggle to fast, as the smell from your mouth according to my grandfather (s) will be more beautiful to him than the most luxurious musk.

And also keep in mind that you must bring it in dynamic balance, for my grandfather also highlighted that your body as well as your wives have a right over you.

Thus do not make fasting or Nafliyyah and obstacle but an enthusiastic opportunity.

A confederation of Global Excellence

Oh my Murideen, unite under the banner of Allah and promote Excellence in the global society. Show the world that being a Muslim is a means of pride and Elitarian appreciation.

Do not shame yourself for that would be hidden Shirk which my ancestor Shah Naqshband declared as a great downfall. 

My task is to bring Izza to our religion as his successor on which occasion it is your obligation to support me in this mission as did the Ashab to my ancestor the Prophet (s). 

If you won´t do so, where will then be the difference in leaving the Prophet (pbuh) and his successor Hazrat Ali (kw) alone. 

My ancestor proclaimed to adhere to the Quran and the Ahlulbayt and latter is here in front of you. 

And if you are still not convinced engage in Muraqaba and recite Surah Al Fatiha as much as you can. 100 times, 1000 times or 10,000 times. The secret of this Surah is to guide you to truth and to the straight path and not to be subject of Allah´s wrath or to be deviated.

Where are you waiting for oh Murideen. Work. Work, but do not forget to do it for Allah´s sake, for work that is not dedicated for his sake is only vain waste of time. 

Remember the word of my ancestor Shah Naqshband who proclaimed:

"Dil ba Yar Dast ba Kar, Adhere to work with your heart in remembrence of your beloved (Allah)"

And Hazrat Ishaan´s:
"Hichi badtar ast az Israf waqt, There is nothing worse than waste of time"

Please concentrate your Zikr in action rather than vain waste of time and see Allah´s grace in your deeds.

Oh my Murideen, envy of Muslims and dark powers of Russo and Sikh Imperialism as well as Communism in modern history have led to the total decentralization of this blessed Muslim confederation, that was centrally led by my family. 

The one´s under Zarist Russian occupation in Daghestan have forgotten us as well as those in India when my family was in a survival mode fleeing from the Communists that were keen to exterminate us.

But we prevailed alhamdulillah. For the Noor of Ahlul Bayt will never be extinguished. It will forever shine until the last successor of Shah Naqshband from my family´s progeny will redeem eternal beauty and global peace. The Mahdi.

Oh my Murideen stay on our side and do not fear.
Stay on the side of Shah Naqsband´s family and do not engage in any kind of Bid´ah that will deteriorate your path. 

This faith of Islam is subject to many innovations (Bid´ahs):

  • from the neglection of the descendants of Al Askari and Shah Naqshband based on the patrilineality delusion a misogynstic culture diffaming the inheritance of my grandmother Fatima Zahra (as)
  • the incoporation of aspects of other religions
  • as well as the will to desperately have a place in this world. 

Please Educate yourself more and more and more my dear followers. Knowledge is the most beautiful luxury and nutrition. 

It was through acquisition of knowledge that my ancestor Ghause Azam (ra) could proudly announce his Ghousia, saying 

"Darastul Ilma hata Sirrtu Qutba! I studie until I became the highest saint of the time" 

And it is through knowledge that you will manifest the inner truth of your heart. Please my Followers, Learn, learn and learn more and more, for it is through learning oh my dearest and beloved Murideen that your dedication for me, my predecessors and successors will increase.

It is an obligation for us Muslims to learn and not to blindly follow Taqlid. Illuminate your hearts with the gift of logics.

May you be in Brazil or in Japan, rejoice and write history through your actions. Write history for that is what Shah Naqshband (ra) wants you to do. Sacrifice yourself for our cause and fall in love with God almighty.

The strategy of approaching God with Excellence and to optimize your deeds for him, instead of being lazy in your appartments that you call "Zawias".

Long live the Naqshbandiyya.

Message to imposters

Woe to those who disrespect based on their ignorance. Those who based on the lack of knowledge they have, prejudice and deconsider the truth. It is on the occasion of some of you, whilst I as a compassionate Prince mingled myself in between you that you did not saw the light of my majesty. 

You were in awe with any kind of Mullah you followed, who was unreachable to you. But when the intermediate between you and the truth appeared (without you knowing), you neglect and disrespect instead to accept. You are as lost as a teenage girls who are in awe of a promi, but minimally they leave the religion out of this shameful behavior.

It is on the occasion of many of you, some of whom even were so cursed to even see the light of my ancestor Ali in the dream hinting on a young man, who is his representative on earth and you do not want to believe it. His name is Ali, for he represents him. 

People rejoice calling the Imam of the Ismailis Ali and you shame to call the Imam of this Astaan Ali. How will you approach my grandfather Shah Naqshand on Qiyyamah, when you approach his successor with disrespect.

Your vain questions when anyone from my side mercifully approached you:

" What is your position in the Naqshbandiyya?"

I will tell you from now on, leaving my mercy that you evidently haven deserved behind:

I am Shah Naqshband and Shah Naqshband is me!

No Mullah can help you when you don´t submit do his children´s authority. You will literally have no joy in this life for the decreer of destiny will write the rest of your life as a vomit journey in which you do not even enjoy one day in your miserable life.

That is the retaliation of my grandfather Shah Naqshband. Those who are in awe with Sheikh so and so from Daghestan or wherever and disregard the authority of Shah Naqshband´s rightful supreme successors are indeed lost.

This golden bloodline of us will pass on, until it reaches the last Imam of Ahlulbayt the Mahdi as part of a promise of Allah Mutaal, for he declared that the Prophet´s descend from each other and so will the redeemer of Islam be from the family of no one else than Sayyid Mir Jan, the Khwaja of all Khwajas.

Sayyid Mir Jan who is the Hadi of this order and anyone who does not consider him as such is an unjust innovator following the way of the cruel Muslims, who stood against Imam Hussein in Karbala.

Shame on you for doing this evil deed, oh ignorant ones.

You set up lies that anyone who looks crooked at Sheikh so and so and does not believe in Sheikh so and so and does not serve Sheikh so and so will be among the unlucky in life. But how about you oh arrogant ones, that you do not consider the Wilaya of the promised Khwaja of all Khwajas Sayyid Mir Jan? Don´t you reflect?

You even call your corrupt money-serving Mullahs as supernatural deities...What is wrong with you??? 
If that is not Shirk, I do not know...

It is because of two reason of which the first is either that you are uneducated, which is the case with most of the doubters and on the other hand those corrupt Mullahs who are fearing to loose their position.

Either you follow the Sunnah or you won´t, but don´t forget that God´s decree acts as it acts meaning in favour of Shah Naqshband´s descendants from the family of Hazrat Ishaan and Sayyid Mir Jan, if you want or not.

The truth must be said and I am only honest to you, oh rebells of this confederation. You are as disgusting as were the Khawarijis to my ancestor Hazrat Ali (kw). But you are just a small fraction of shame boasting around with your internet pages and gatherings of poor people who do not even know why you invited them and than fill their stomachs.

You are those exoteric idiots who do not uphold the secret as my ancestor Ghause Azam (ra) proclaimed.

You are imposters who deconsider the history and cultural legacy of this confederation, which is a personage cult of Shah Naqshband and his chosen educated and enlightened successors through Hazrat Ishaan and Sayyid Mir Jan. 

Sheikh So and So spread the order in all over the world... that is a lie! This order was always present all over the world. Having some cheap appartments changed to Masjids and spreading lies on the web does not constitute spreading our confederation in the world.

You are nothing more than Trolls!

History speaks for itself, for our confederation had through my family a tremendous meaning in history. May it be on the occasion of the Timurid conquests, guiding Ottoman Sultans, establishing the Mughal Empire, establishing Pakistan and defending Afghanistan a state in which the Naqshbandiyya have crushed the great Soviet Union.

It were the Naqshbandiyya in Afghanistan who have had a significant impact in fighting against the Soviets...true Naqshbandis instead of you imposters who desperately make websites and spread some videos on are a disgrace to the name of this order of mine.

While my family members promoted logistical help for the Mujahideen outside of Afghanistan, where Russian Atheist infidels have systematically killed 2 Million innocent Afghan Muslims, you rejoiced in your clown show with Turbans and beards longer as that of Santa Claus and call it Sunnah. Shame on you! 
You are adult children stuck in a fantasy world.

You are as Christian nerds stuck in the middle ages instead of following the spirit of time guided by the actual esoteric Sunnah of my ancestor the Prophet (pbuh).

The History of this order will be written through us and our successors today. You have the choice oh seperatists... either you join us in victory or you will be deprived of our blessing and become of the loosers, not only in the next but also in this world.

Imam Sayyid Ali Akbar Al Askari

What is just wrong with those who do not realize the Imamate of Sayyid Ali Akbar the successor of the 12th Imam?

Desperate followers of Khomeini who are trying to give their regime a sense of legitimation for some religious people while most of the Azadikhwahan, meaning those who are looking for a life in freedom based on actual islamic tenets have left the islamic faith behind.

However in the same manner as Yazid´s government fell, who tried his best to hide the truth, this government will also fall one day.

It is just an irony that people oppress in the name of Imam Hussein and hide the truth of Sayyid Ali Akbar ibn Hasan al Askari´s Imamate. 

They go so far as to call Khomeini Imam but do not consider the little brother of Hasan al Askari Imam, although he has a huge Mausoleum in Uzbek terrritory that is considered a national monument. 

No wonder that there was no significant attention on this mausoleum in the last century, because the Sultan Saodat was for 100 years under Communist rule.

It will be Imam Hussein´s holy spirit himself who will give a final blow to this and any regime that is hiding the truth. 

Imam Sayyid Ali Akbar is the successor of Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan Al Mahdi and it is through him that the family of Hazrat Ishaan is blessed as Imams of the time.

We are Iran

My dear and beloved followers. Keep in mind that as representatives of Allah's mercy on earth it is on us to make the people fall in love with God and to fight all those who preach terror.

My grandfather (s) proclaimed that Satan does not preach his corrupt way through negligence of religion alone, but through hyperbolic terror in the form of misrepresentation.

Misrepresentation that brings the hearts away from the belief of Allah (swt).

Allah ordered Sayyidina Dawud (as) to make the people fall in love in God. Thus my Murideen, follow this way as Hazrat Dawood (as) was according to my grandfather (s) one of the most excellent Ascets (Zahideen) and representatives of God on earth.

Preach the way of Allah and my grandfather the Prophet, targeting their satisfaction alone. Not that of any regimes.

Especially those regimes whose so called "Ayatollahs" can't keep an eye on their nude grandchildren, while they kill innocent people for not wearing this sign of disgrace against our religion called Hijab?

I just can´t understand how a person can all himself "Ayatollah", as this term is so holy and divine, that it borders at Shirk to call any person like that. A Wali like Hazrat Ishaan who performed miracles in Allah´s names can be regarded an "Ayatollah" as he is a sign that Allah´s message sent down to the prophet is a true sign (an "Ayat" or "Hujat").

So woe to all those hypocrites, misusing the name of my grandfather Hussein (as) and engage in preaching Yezid's legacy under his name.

How dare they to call themselves "Ayatollah"? It is a disgrace to call a follower of the Taghut (ignorance) a sign of God (Ayatollah)! This is indeed the type of Shirk Allah (swt) and my grandfather (s) fought against 1400 years ago in Mecca

Message to Imposters II

You verily do not belong to me and my grandfather Abdul Qadir Gilani (ra), when you follow this peace of cloack on your head and engage in hidden Shirk with it as my ancestor Shah Naqshband would proclaim.

You do not wear this scarf to satisfy God, but you misuse God's religion to wear this scarf.

How dare you to focus so much on the exoteric aspects that you neglect the esoteric, which is Qurba (closeness to God).

Never has God decreed to wear a scarf in the Quran. And for all those who show me verses from Surah Ahzab anf Noor, please look carefully as God is verily wise.

He is wise highlighting the spirit of time. The Quran came down on a time when women wear headscarfs but disclosed their breasts to twist men's mind. Thus had Allah commanded the women to put their scarfs instead on their breasts to hide them (the breasts and not your hairs!)

Furthermore did God refer to other way of women seducing men that popular in that time. Women striked their feet to the ground to attract men with their noises. But from a contemporary point of view it is more strange than erotic. Thus God highlights not to engage in erotic attraction. 

Since when are hairs erotic? Never have they been...

A headscarf was used by the aristocracy in the middle ages to distance themselves from the normal people. Thus you should in current times put away your turbans and headscarfs for it looks today like an inserious clownshow than a way to guard our religion.

And I even declare it Makruh in the west today! 

For you by this way inhibit the Dawah of this religion my ancestors the Prophets (s) and Awliyah (ra)  put so much value upon. 

The Dawah of believing in the absolute oneness of God and in my grandfather Prophet Muhammad (s) as seal of prophets. 

But no, seemingly this sign of ridiculousness and backwardedness is more important to you than to serve my grandfather (s). For you deem this veil of ignorance more important than to continue the mission of my ancestor (s).

Terror, Palestinian Blackmailing, Zina "halalified", Headscarfs with curves, Turbans and Ignorance....nauzubillah!

How about Diplomacy, Rapprochment, Purity, Chastity, modest beauty and education?

By the greatness of my matriarch Fatima al Zahra (sa) you are not of us and we are not of you.

On Twisting the Shariah

What is wrong with you oh Muslims, that you go so far as to consider homosexuality halal? 

What is wrong with you that your love for the worldy brought you so far as to preach lies about truth?

I don´t see any difference between you and the Taliban in regards to jurispudencial methodology...

The Taliban twist our holy and pure Sharia, by encouraging suicide killing for worldly goals and you also twist the Sharia, by encouraging homosexuality for worldly goals.

Suicide Terror as well as Homosexuality are both forbidden as per the Quran and Sunnah. Point!

Both are forbidden by God and I stay like a mountain in the way of my ancestor Sayyid Abdul Qadir Gilani (ra).

If a person is homosexual he may stay homosexual, but please leave our religion out!

Law is Law!