Joint Ventures

The Sayyid and his family have much experience in Mergers & Acquisitions. This especially entails international experience in the planning and operation of Joint Ventures and strategic alliances.

Some information about Joint Ventures:

  • Establishment of an abstract SPV through two or more companies
  • Plasticity through the slogan: "One and one makes Three"
  • Optimal for bilateral economical development

Joint Ventures do promise a lot, but unfortunately many Joint Ventures either do not get established in the first run or through organizational problems in the long term.

Based on Statistics only 25 % of initiated JV operations get terminated in the end.

The Sayyid can generate a higher success rate based on the following details about the process.


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The Sayyid shares a strong network in the establishment of GCC countries and Europe, especially his home country Germany.

Thanks to his strong network and good reputation it is easy for him and his family to find the right partners for a potential Joint Venture or other Strategic Alliances, that do not necessarily have to manifest in the establishment of another SPV.


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In regards to various different business approaches, Sayyid Raphael and his family do assist in the establishment of a more structured approach, mediating as highly respected individuals of both cultures.

By this he generates an effective and efficient governance model, managing the relations between the JV participants with success.

Operation and Monitoring

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The Sayyid and his family realize growth and synergy of the JV and assist in professional integrational management.

In regards to his and his family´s bilateral reputation and establishment his family promises professional cultural, commercial and change management.


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The Joint term of the JVs do vary based on strategical efficiencies and in the end do realize a smooth termination or an extension over the basic contractual term.

By Sayyid Raphael´s and his family´s potential they can generate a more secure success rate rather than other consultancies, who pay tribute to statstics that say that only 25 % of actually JVs get terminated in the end.

SPV Establishment

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Joint Ventures are established as strategic SPVs with The Sayyid´s know how in international market assessment.