Strategic Advisory

The Sayyid determines which sectors and functions offer most potential in regards to the demands of the targeted Market, political insiders within his network, 3C (Culture, Communication and Change) and other potential factors.

By this he helps asses capabilities to execute a successful transaction, determining what the targeted customers and markets are demanding and are willing to support, identifying it for an effective business growth.

Unser Projekt

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Sayyid Raphael establishes long-term strategies, anticipating potential volatilities for a permanent establishment of his clients ventures.


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Sayyid Raphael considers expansive perspectives for clients, advising them in regards to M&A strategies to target an external market and to ensure it for his clients success.


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Sayyid Raphael is precise in finding targets that generate high valuation, reflecting market advantages, taking trends into account


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Prince Raphael values a balances proportionality between advantages and disadvantages, considering values and assets at stake. 
He applies technical principals of valuation of strategic decision making, effective M&A approaches and managerial practices


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Prince Raphael has experience in comprising plans to manage key risks and interdependencies, generating integration and thus achieving aspiration of success in ventures