Strategic Advisory

Generating new ideas and possibilities

Raphael determines which sectors and functions offer most potential in regards to the demands of the targeted Market, political insiders within his network, 3C (Culture, Communication and Change) and other potential factors.

By this he helps asses capabilities to execute a successful transaction, determining what the targeted customers and markets are demanding and are willing to support, identifying it for an effective business growth.


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Raphael establishes long-term strategies, anticipating potential volatilities for a permanent establishment of his clients ventures.


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Raphael considers expansive perspectives for clients, advising them in regards to M&A strategies to target an external market and to ensure it for his clients success.


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Raphael is precise in finding targets that generate high valuation, reflecting market advantages, taking trends into account


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Raphael values a balances proportionality between advantages and disadvantages, considering values and assets at stake. 
He applies technical principals of valuation of strategic decision making, effective M&A approaches and managerial practices


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Raphael has experience in comprising plans to manage key risks and interdependencies, generating integration and thus achieving aspiration of success in ventures

Market Entry

When the relations with the operating countries are solidified, Raphael is keen to invite his network to initiate market entry and perform further investments in the operating country.

This will then lead to a further acceleration of the development of the operating country.

 May it be projects in the field of renewable energy (establishment of factories and other facilities) or the manufacturing sector etc.

His expertise through his strong network manifests in the following way (in regards to the realization of concret projects):


  1. Licensing (of various permissions etc.)
  2. Financing (Investment Fonds, VC, PE)
  3. Land (up to 10,000 hectars based on a popular pilot project)
  4. Man Power
  5. Block Visas/Immigrational solutions for labour
  6. Strategy Consultancy
  7. Pre-Integrational Management


  • Post-Integrational Management
  • Quality Management/Engineering
  • General Management

The government of the operating country will establish a company under the leadership of Raphael in which he introduces his network of specialists.

These specialists will through the established SPV teach representative public companies like for example medical or energy facilities etc. how to develop and optimize the quality of their current expertise and progress.

Through this constellation Raphael is keen to initiate an effective know-how transfer and optimize the quality of various sectors of the operating country, generating the magnification of these sectors in the operating country. This magnification will lead to the generation of more labour and a better infrastructure of the country through cooperative know-how transfer (ILM).

The country is thus more developed.