Green Oil and Gas

Supporting the transition to a green oil and gas industry

Raphael is passionately focused on the Oil and Gas industry, following the transition from Oil and Gas to other alternative Energy sectors, which includes Hydrogen solutions.

Upstream Decomission Solutions

The time has come to decommission oil and gas facilities for the purpose of saving our climate on which occasion Raphael advises on this topic with his know-how as an oil and gas lawyer.

Mid- and Downstream Solutions

Operational Excellence in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain and Strategic Improvement are ways to enhance the midstream sector with Excellence. In the Down Stream Sector Raphael can provide sales intermediary solutions through his network with detailed Due Diligence.

Green Solutions

May it be alternative ways of producing oil and gas through plants like Jatropha or alternative energy sources like Hydrogen, Raphael focuses on the empowerment of this sector.

OSINT Solutions

Raphael and his team establish holistic intelligence solutions gathering openly accessible information (Open Source Intelligence).

Legislative Solutions

As a Lawyer and Government relation specialist, Raphael is a competent partner in translating clients needs to parliaments and governments.

Independance Lobbyism

  • Independance from oil and gas fields of authocratic regimes
  • Global European Explorational Promotion (Africa, South America)
  • GreenTech Exploration and realistic transition policy