3C Auditing


With professional expertise in the following fields:

  • Commercial (Sales, R&D, Project Development and Management)
  • Operations (Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Procurement)
  • Functions (Technology)

Raphael is generating maximized value and hence effective integration

Culture and Change Management

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  • Many businesses fail, because of a lack in dynamic culture and change management. 
  • For instance many codes of conducts and other society rules are obstacles for the realizations of businesses. 
  • As a bilateral expert Raphael measures and manages cultural compatabilities incorporating professional actions in order to minimize risk of cultural collisions.

Value Capture/Appropriation/Monetarization

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Raphael sets synergy targets and executes value capture initiatives, aiming higher and identifying cost and revenue synergies.


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Raphael anticipates how a specific venture will in case of a M&A act develops.

For this he develops Target Operating Models (TOMs) which visualizes the process of the achievement of the respected goals.

Human Interaction Management

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  • Integration needs a strong network, which can be realized with his strong bilateral network, that allows him to realize efficient and effective strategies.
  • Based on the priorities set by the clients he knows people that are specialized to ease respected tasks and process, which are necessary in the realization of the venture.