HR Management

Recruiting and Quality Management in Human Resources is a significant accelerator of sustainable economical growth through the upscale of the quality of life. 

In maslow┬┤s pyramide professionalism is one means of self-satisfaction, which makes recruitment enormeously important for a uptopic society.

This is why Raphael is passionately interested in this field, investing time in assisting clients professionally or pro-bono.

Career Optimization

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Raphael establishes audits and assessments to support his clients in the most optimal way. It is a proper direction from which excellence in social life can be achieved.


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A professional career needs a tailored consideration of the clients interests and wishes. For this purpose Raphael supports his clients in the recruitment processes within companies and international agencies he is well linked with.


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Science is the cornerstone of our global progress and Raphael is enthusiastically supporting his clients in being part of the scientific community. May it be as a Natural Scientist, a Financier or an Engineer.