Mining Excellence

A remunerating alternativity for the Oil and Gad Industry

Raphael is also promoting Project Development in the oil and gas Industry. In regards to focusing on alternativity in the Oil and Gas industry Raphael is putting emphasis on the mining sector to derive alternative energy sources as well as raw materials for the production of essential goods.

It also has a significant geopolitical responsibility in light of balancing global shares in access to raw materials acquired through mining solutions.

His Royal Highness, being an expert in Project Management has specialized experts in all 5 stages of mining which he integrates as a talented Human Interaction professional.


For a sustainable global focus away from Oil and Gas


Integrating Diplomatic Excellence


Realizing and integrating innovative solutions

Quality Audit

Ongoing Process of Quality optimation

Risk Management

Calculating precise risks and establishing opportunities

Legislation and Administration

Promoting Excellence in Legislation and Governmental affairs


Raphael assists in the Exploration of Raw Materials. This entails Geoscientific solutions of locating certain spots and claiming stakes as per law. The Drilling process will then require technical Risk Management in light of hazardous substances that may pollute the environment.


When raw materials are discovered, investment plans will be generated and planned as per quality management audits. These audits do not only entail financial assets, but also scientific ones for precise success. Furthermore further due diligence procedures will be carried out with governmental administrations.


After the discovery studies, the inner feasibility will be investigated. This entails practical generation of funds for the realization of producing the raw materials as well as updating the quality management in an ongoing process of optimization.


The Production entails the establishment of mills for the final acquisition of the raw materials. That is where EPC specialists com on. Furthermore Raphael puts emphasis on maintenance of the acquired raw materials in regards to secondary processing solutions.


After successful usage of a spot, a reclamation will be initiated in which value will be created to the land through alternative and sustainable solutions tailored to the respective marketĀ“s priorities and potentials.