International Excellence

Excellence in Legislative Advocacy and Arbitration
In memory of the former Grand Master of the Confederation 
Amir Kabir Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani

This site describes His Royal Highness´s contributions in the field of Governance, Law and Diplomacy with a focus on G2G constellations.

The person depicted in the 10 Tajiki Somoni is the former Grand Master of his confederation Amir Kabir Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani.

 About the Persian genius 

Amir Kabir Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani 

(The Prince´s relative and former Grand Master of the confederation) 

Amir Kabir of the Fatimids
Indo-Iranian Pioneer of Political Science

Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani is a Persian Polymath of the middle ages and Pioneer of Greater Persian (Afghan-Tajik-Iranian) culture, science and Engineering. He is from Hamadan, which is the reason his name is Hamadani, but because of his incredible genius his followers also attribute to him the meaning "Hama Dan"(Persian for "the genius").

He was Emir of the Sayyids of Greater Persia, descending from Prophet Muhammad and led 700 Sayyids in a mission to develop Kashmir.

In the 14th century Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani initiated know how transfer from the progressed Iranian Plateau to Kashmir and developed Kashmir in its contemporary engineering technology. Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani also by himself checked the quality of any machinary constructs and intellectual teachings and thus developed Kashmir existentially.

Because of the transfer of contemporary prestigeous Iranian know how by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani, Kashmir was also known as Iran-e-Saghir, meaning "Little Persia".

As an influential contemporary Grand Emir (Amir-Kabir) Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani also consulted Indian monarchs in terms of the amelioration of the quality of their governance.

His know how in Politics, Law, Science, Engineering and Religion was highly esteemed, based upon which His Excellency Mir Sayyid Raphael Dakik works further upon the fundament set by his relative Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani. 

Combining Economy with Governance

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 The Problem

Many people underlie the naturalistic fallacy that the organizational structure of governments suffice.

If a person practices as an expert of international law and diplomacy, he will for sure come to realize that this is not true.

Many statesmen are underlying the "stenoc paradoxon", meaning that they have no opportunism in carrying out their task of representing their country or carrying out the responsibilities for their people. This is a danger for our global community and underlines that liberal actors are far more influential then thought. Thus professional Lobbyists balance the unprofessionalism of certain statesmen with their own expertise, generating a better world order

One of them is His Royal Highness Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik!

His Royal Highness as one of the most well networked people worldwide can help to support governments in paying tribute to their needs or to translate messages from the economy or other governments to governments. 

 The same applies if you are Government needs: 

  • A voice who translates your interests to other governments
  • A strategist who helps integrate international support in your projects
  • Initiate market entry for TNCs
  • Generate Operational Governance Excellence in certain countries

The Core Concept 

His Royal Highness is acting as a very well respected governmental advisor.
He is an issue-identifier and problem-solver.
As such he uses various concepts to generate optimized governmental excellence with his broad expertise.
The above mentioned excellence is carried out through developing the respective country, especially in three sectors: 

  • Infrastructure
  • Labour
  • Magnification

ILM is arabic and stands for knowledge.

His Royal Highness thus intends to put a vivid attention on the need of generating governmental excellence through qualitative know-how.

As qualitative know-how is sometimes not prevalent especially in 3rd world countries, there is a need to transfer qualitative know-how over there.

As His Royal Highness has a strong network worldwide, he operates with his network of specialists in order to transfer quality from one country to the other.

Thus he is solidifying bilateral relations and generating international diplomatic prosperity and a better world order with peace and prosperity. 

Market Entry

When the relations with the operating countries are solidified, His Royal Highness is keen to invite his network to initiate market entry and perform further investments in the operating country.

This will then lead to a greater solidification of the house of Hazrat Ishaan and the operating country and the further acceleration of the development of the operating country.

 May it be projects in the field of renewable energy (establishment of factories and other facilities) or the manufacturing sector etc.

His expertise through his strong network manifests in the following way (in regards to the realization of concret projects):


  1. Licensing (of various permissions etc.)
  2. Financing (Investment Fonds, VC, PE)
  3. Land (up to 10,000 hectars based on a popular pilot project)
  4. Man Power
  5. Block Visas/Immigrational solutions for labour
  6. Strategy Consultancy
  7. Pre-Integrational Management


  • Post-Integrational Management
  • Quality Management/Engineering
  • General Management

The government of the operating country will establish a company under the leadership of His Royal Highness in which his Excellency introduces his network of specialists.

These specialists will through the established SPV teach representative public companies like for example medical or energy facilities etc. how to develop and optimize the quality of their current expertise and progress.

Through this constellation His Royal Highness is keen to initiate an effective know-how transfer and optimize the quality of various sectors of the operating country, generating the magnification of these sectors in the operating country. This magnification will lead to the generation of more labour and a better infrastructure of the country through cooperative know-how transfer (ILM).

The country is thus more developed.

Science Diplomacy 

All these sectors are covered by His Royal Highness initiatives in the field of Science Diplomacy. Science Diplomacy entails the cooperation with leading scientists in their respective fields in natural and social sciences and also respective statesmen and diplomats, in order to solidify a strong know-how transfer from the west to the east and bridge-building between science and diplomacy. 

Commercial Diplomacy

His Royal Highness is able to translate needs of clients in front of his his political network. He helps to anticipate, interpret and respond to developments in policy and politics, and advise on how they can shape the business environment and work with policymakers to achieve their goals, thus generating an effective integration of Economy and Policy.