Due Diligence

The powerhouse of innovation with precision

Raphael is keen to support enterprises in maintaining their capital as well as manifesting hidden potentials. This leads to an organic growth of a company´s legacy for future generations.

Intellectual Capital Management

Proprietary insights that upscale hidden potentials

Research and Development

Empowering ideas and strategies

Quality Auditing

Global Auditing and a wide segment of Precise Due Diligence

Human Interaction Management

Strategic interconnection with conduct and reputation

 "It have been economical initiatives, manifesting their Intellectual Capital, that were crucial in the course of human history. The best example I can give is the British East India Company." 

-Sayyid Raphael Dakik

The Intellectual Capital Model

Quality Optimization of the 7 Intellectual Capitals (ICs) 

Defined by the Schmalenbach Society of Business Administration

Innovation Capital

Raphael is a genius and think tank in person. He and his team of experts have a high potential in generating new ideas in order to upscale his clients interests. He can establish mechanisms like think tanks in companies in order to optimize the hidden innovational potential of his clients fortune. Notwithstanding this, he is also partner in research activities with prestigeous scientists, coordinating these with his clients.

Investor Capital

Raphael has strong network of banks and insurance institutes worldwide. His Chacellory can optimize the Investor Capital of his clients by issuing the right investors as well as investment opportunities, based on precise financial reports he issues. Furthermore he increases the financial maturity of his mandates through his know how in Financial Engineering.

Human Capital

Raphael can optimize intangible values in the area of human resources. Employees bring value to an organization, so training, know-how and competence of employees, a pleasant working atmosphere and knowledge databases are just some examples of essential measures. He can issue Executive Assessments and initiate ways of enhancing the Human Capital of an organization. This also entails the Career Perfection of family members themselves.

Customer Capital

Raphael can furthermore optimize the Brand and reputation management as well as sales contract mechanisms, market shares and customer lists. It is important to issue a customer approximation which Raphael can establish. He can bring quality that can convince prestigeous networks.

Supplier Capital

Raphael is furthermore an expert in the field of Supply Chain. With multidimensional strategic thinking, he knows the right establishment of supply chain management. It needs vivid governmental influence as well as legal know how based on International Private Law to realize effective Supply Chain Management, which he can issue qualitatively.

Process Capital

As an expert in the field of Operational Business Excellence, Raphael is a master in optimizing processes, may they be internal or external. Especially during long term processes, he can issue Excellence based on sustainable measures generating profit on the way to the target.

Location Capital

As a globally respected aristocrat, Raphael is benefiting from his strong reputation and network worldwide as a globalist and cosmopolitan leader. He can strategically choose the right locations for business development expansions with strong knowledge on national legal codes.


  • Political Advocacy (Lobbyism)
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis management
  • International Legal Management
  • Career Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Quality Advisory

Raphael furthermore includes Intelligence Solutions, including OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) in the Family Office consultancy.

In case of crisis, Raphael is able to generate win-win situations especially in case of mediation in pre and post crisis procedures.


Loyality, Transparency and Trust

In the same manner as Raphael promises these three values, he demands the same from his clients.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

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There are some Lobby firms or transnational enterprises, who are mostly demanding 30,000$-100,000$ per month, but have the following problems:

Problems of these concurrents honestly brought to the point:

1. No qualitative or strong reputation (They have no worthy place in society)

2. No strong or even useful network (They mingle you around unworthy people)

3. No beneficial business secrets (They are imposters with no prevalent strategies)

4. No holistic audits (They lack expertise and disbalance interrelated factors)

5. No sustainable technocratic targets (Their visions are unsustainable; a waste of time)

6. No business culture (They only focus on earning their own money rather than effectively focusing on your needs as a partner with principles)

7. No codes of conduct (They misbehave and bring damage to your reputation)

8. No moral principles (They will cheat on you earlier or later)

9. No Respect for Intellectual Property (They will steal your idea, finding legal spots)

10. No due diligence (They are egoistic and machiavellistically misuse you)

11. No taste of Quality (They will make you look like clowns)

12. No know how (They base their knowledge on assumptions rather than on facts)

13. No sense of risk management (They will bring you in tremendous danger)

14. No sufficient Compliance knowledge (They will make you criminals)

15. No efficient and mindful transactions (They spend your money like water)

16. No freedom of movement (Once you are under them, they will put you in chains)

17. No dynamic responsibility (These stenoc 8-5 workers will frustrate you)

18. They are corrupt and dishonest (It is important to guard one´s reputation and to engage in honorable work)

Proportionality of Fees and Rates

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1. Professional and efficient mobilization of actions

2. Reputation and Quality with meaning

3. Deductability from Taxes

4. See CoI and UVP brought to the point (s.o.)

Global Assessment

Raphael´s Family Office advisory is focused on detailed qualitative audits based on the following points of focus in the field of Analysis and Assessment.

Financial Assessment

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Raphael has got expertise in checking financial resources of companies and organizations worldwide. If a company in Britain for instance wants to check a company in Africa in regards to their finances, Raphael can give precise details in regards to their finances.

When analyzing the opportunities and risks of the financial framework, Raphael analyzes the sustainably achievable income, evaluate cash flows and balance sheets and check the plausibility of the business plan. Due to the special importance of budget figures for the company value, the focus of the financial due diligence is on the analysis and assessment of the company planning presented by the company. The plans must produce a consistent picture.

Commercial Assessment

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In regards to the perceptivity of a company for the future on the occasion of a company Raphael can analyze the targeted company for a sustainable and successful purchase.

He performs in close integration of financial Assessment a detailed SWOT Analysis of the respective company, that is to be purchased

Legal Assessment

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In regard to decision making, Raphael can hint on legal risks that are to be considered.

The legal due diligence includes the recording of the company's internal and external legal relationships. It complements the analyzes and findings that have been obtained through the financial and tax due diligence. The focus of legal assessment is the identification of legal risks that could endanger the planned company results and the existence of the company. On the basis of the information obtained, additional need for action in the course of the transaction is identified.

His legal expertise integrating his network entails a global law expertise of all legal systems.

Strategic Assessment

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Via Strategic Assessment Raphael determines which sectors and functions offer most potential in regards to the demands of the targeted Market, political insiders within his network, 3C (Culture, Communication and Change) and other potential factors.

By this he helps asses capabilities to execute a successful transaction, determining what the targeted customers and markets are demanding and are willing to support, identifying it for an effective business growth with
permanence, perspectivity, precision and proportionality

Market Entry Assessment

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Raphael puts much value in assessments. Planning and anticipating is fundamental for generating success.

His global network with high clerks, business clubs and institution allows him to perform due diligence worldwide.

May it be the opportunity of a proficient SME, willing to change the world or an established large corporation, that is willing to expand, Raphael can assess clients demands precisely and consult in regards to achieving success.

Notwithstanding this Raphael can assess further markets rapidly through his established network for a sustainable growth of a mandate.

This allows to generate an effective and accelerated business development and give value to the business. 

Taxational Assessment

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Raphael can further hint on global taxational risks and chances that must be considered.

This for instance is an important factor, especially when it comes to Corporate M&A cases. In case a buyer wants to buy a company, all previous taxational risks are transferred to the buyer, so that due diligence in that sector is urgently to be taken into consideration. And this applies independent from the purchase being a share or asset deal.

As a conclusion the due diligence made can lead to the reduction of the price in a purchase agreement or the inclusion of further exemption and guarantee clauses.

Technical Assessment

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In cooperation with professional engineers, enjoying a partnership with Raphael and his expertise in regards to Quality management solutions, he can further assist in regards to the analysis of the technical quality of the purchase object.

Through this for example investment security is generated, when an investor wants to invest in a particular new invention.

Commercial Assessment

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In close association to Commercial Due Diligence, Raphael further can analyze value -added chain systems.

In this regards for many purchasers or investors for example the situation of the targeted company in regards to Logistical management can be interesting.

Executive/HR Assessment

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HR is besides other factor a central asset of a company. Hence Due Diligence in regards to the conglomerate of he employees is to be taken into consideration in a purchase or investment case.

This includes Executive Assessment in which the quality of candidates and potential successors are investigated

Organizational Assessment

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Organizational Due Diligence signifies the scrutinization process of organizational risks that will delay the implementation of the value creation plan.

It can be that within the organization of a company my it be out of financial problems (financial assessment) or higher force (laws and regulations) can have a negative influence on the organization of the targeted company.

Thus company processes are decelerated.

Insurance Assessment

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Insurance Due Diligence is also necessary in regards to the valuation of the risks of a traget company. This for instance applies in the determination of the price of the target company in case of a transaction case.

This entails the investigation of insurance systems based on established methods in order establish a strong risk management.

Environmental Assessment

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Raphael assists in all phases - you can call up the respective environmental due diligence services from us according to the modular principle:

  • Information acquisition, data evaluation (phase I): Using database research, our experts check the geological and hydrological conditions at the site as well as the previous land use and research further information on buildings and facilities.
  • Site inspection (phase I): Our tests extend e.g. B. on production processes, waste and disposal management, sewage and water balance, heating systems, emissions and immissions, the handling of chemicals and hazardous substances as well as the determination of building pollutants.
  • Detailed on-site investigations (phase II): Based on the knowledge gained in phase I: soil investigations, building and interior pollutant investigations, construction of groundwater measuring points, etc.
  • Quantification of the environmental risks (phase III): We define and characterize the extent of the environmental risks in the soil, groundwater or building pollutants ascertained in phase II. Building on this, we develop possible renovation concepts including a cost estimate.
  • Reports (Phases I - III): In each phase you will receive a complete report with a description and environmental assessment of the site, documentation and evaluation of the results as well as cost estimates and recommendations.

Real Estate Assessment

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Real estate due diligence (IDD) is the systematic real estate examination by experts using recognized analysis methods, whereby the results are recorded in a real estate due diligence report (IDDR). Test fields are:

  • Real estate market (market due diligence)
  • Law (Legal Due Diligence)
  • Taxes (Tax Due Diligence)
  • (Construction) technology (technical due diligence)
  • Contaminated sites / contaminated site (environmental due diligence)
  • Finance (Financial Due Diligence)

3C Assessment

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A central expertise of Raphael is 3C Due Diligence.

  • Many businesses fail, because of a lack in dynamic 3C management. 
  • For instance many codes of conducts and other society rules are obstacles for the realizations of businesses. 
  • As a bilateral expert Raphael measures and manages cultural comptabilities incorporating professional actions in order to minimize risk of cultural collisions.

Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) is the comprehensive and systematic analysis and comparative assessment of the corporate cultures of the companies involved in a mergers and acquisitions transaction. In addition to corporate culture factors, this analysis can also include country and subcultural aspects.

The terms cultural due diligence, cultural audit, cultural fit audit and cultural impact assessment are synonymous.

The research area of ​​cultural due diligence is located at the intersection of acquisition / merger, culture and (inter) national management research.

In regards to him being a globally respected person within various cultures, he is grown up with the compliance in regards to the respected rules fo a society (f.e. Sharia laws and cultural rules).

In regards to their vivid influence on business transactions, Raphael is there to help in the view of a successful transaction with successful integration management.