Legal Consultancy

Legal Career

His Excellency has practiced law since 3 years, integrating his legal advisory in his general project and transaction advisory. His clients most notably included:

  • Ministers
  • Royals
  • Parliamentarians
  • Large corporations

He is a specialized International Project and Transaction Lawyer in the field of Oil and Gas business.

He does not only act according to law, but also changes it as an International Lobbyist for his clients.


H.E. Prince Sayyid has legal expertise in the fields of:

  • Public International Law
  • International Corporate M&A Law
  • International and European Chemical Law
  • International Contractual Law (Significant experience in the Oil and Gas sector)
  • International Financial Transaction Law

His expertise in concreto includes:

  • To communicate with his academic partners and conduct new research and draw from the existing research and reports and thus influence academic jurispudence.
  • To give expert support as well as feedbacks during his entire projects, especially Joint Ventures in the field of Corporate M&A so that the legal work is optimized proceed without any interruptions
  • To conduct in depth analysis of the available data that is available on necessary occasions, like f.e. in market entry cases necessitating temporary visa programs, labor abuses, visa regulations, etc., that are occurring in various occasions and to address the key policy issues
  • To finalize and draft contracts and written summaries
  • To be involved in the planning and overseeing the dissemination of shares and IPOs.

Notwithstanding this H.E. The Prince is experienced in:

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements, producing technically accurate legal quality standard work, drafting technically correct opinions and reviewing reports based on up to date jurispudence.
  • Legislating and drafting laws and bills for his client governments.
  • Providing legal solutions to the problems that have cropped up and ensuring that it is in compliance with the current laws.
  • Interpreting and applying the theoretical legal knowledge so that it applies to practical business solutions.
  • Priorization of work so that the deadlines can be met and is responsible for gathering the relevant information from various resources by using some effective researching tools for Due Diligence.
  • Providing suggestions as well as creative ideas, thoughts, etc., in various discussions and building creditability with clients and colleagues.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with litigators he recommends within his elitarian network of lawyers especially from Denton and preparing the legal cases and ensuring that they are being submitted to the relevant authorities.
  • Involving in the management of resolution of disputes and participates, recommends as well as drafts new codes that are relevant to the law.

Strong Network

His Excellency is External Partner of leading global law firms with whom he cooperates in the field of project development and Cooperate M&A cases.

Corporate M&A

Corporate Finance

International Arbitration

Human Rights


Sharia Law