MATIN Initiative

Empowering Naqshbandi Leaders of tomorrow

As current Hazrat Ishaan (Supreme Ishaan) of the Naqshbandi branch of Islam, His Serene Highness is willing to empower the life of his followers in a holistic manner.

کمک با خد کمکی

"Help through Self-Help"

In order to establish qualitative leaders "Help through self-help" is the central Motto which Dakik family has used in their philanthropic projects since 30 years.

MATIN Initiative (Leadership Programm)

Markaz Aliyye Tarfiyye Istiqlal Naqshbandian

Independance of Murideen

Through his MATIN Initiative His Serene Highness is empowering Independance for his spiritual followers in a political and economical manner, so that they can manifest their "hidden qualities" in worldly leadership.

Clerical Guidance

Prince Sayyid is not only a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by blood but also by merit, hinting on his huge clerical knowledge.

He is an expert in law and mysticism in all fields of the religion and heads the Naqshbandi Sufi belief.


His Serene Highness has a brilliant sense of quality in a wide spectrum. 

As a royal and holyman he combines worldly Excellence with moral and inner perfection, guiding his followers to qualitative Excellence.