Markaz Aali wa Tijaratiyye Istiqlal Naqshbandiyan

In light of his responsibilities as supreme Leader of Naqshbandi Sunni Islam the MATIN Initiative is a pro bono initiative of His Highness to economically help Naqshbandi Sunni Muslims and to simultaneously undergo a leadership program through a private tutelage under His Highness.

In honor of

Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani
Grand Sayyid Amir Kabir of the Sayyids in the 14th century
Succeeded by Hazrat Ishaan as Patron of Kashmir

Creedo: Help through self-help

His Highness is holding the hands of his selected young leaders to help them stand on their own feet as leaders and to have a vivid contribution in our global society.

The Principle of the promotion of help through self-help is carried out via the RAFI-Principle.

The RAFI principle

Rifaat - Amanat - Faqr - Istiqlal

Rifaat (Alleviation)

This initiative is exclusively targeting all Naqshbandi Sunni Muslims, who believe in the religious authority of the family of His Highness.

It especially also targets Sayyids who underlie a prohibition to take alms. His Highness is keen to hold their hands as hereditary Shahanshah Mir Hasani Grand Sayyid of Greater Persia.

Amanat (Stability)

In order to preserve the Economical stability for Naqshbandis, His Highness as the hereditary supreme leader and Grand Sayyid of his order is keen to take the hands of his spiritual children.

Help through self help is the prevailing motto of effective philanthropic help by His Highness.

Faqr (Pride and Quality)

His Highness integrates qualitative support as an experienced quality manager to teach the most efficient mindsets of social and economical leadership for Naqshbandis according to the cultural teachings.

Istiqlal (Independance)

According to Naqshbandi belief his Highness is the current light of Ali in this time.

He is thus keen to hold the hands of Naqshbandis in order to establish their overall independance so they can focus on their mission as leaders.

Naqshbandis are all dedicated to an overall mission to maintain a humanistic world order of peace, prosperity, stability and sustainability in which Fatima Zahra┬┤s shadow is protecting mankind.

Criteria of selection

Despite the exclusivity for members of the Naqshbandi Order, the selection process is carried out based on the personality of the applicant.

The applicant can reach out to the office of His Highness and he can himself after an introduction via videochat decide if he is willing to accept to help his Murid.

The applicant shall be in deep affection with His Highness according to the Rabita principle of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order.

Racial background, gender and age are indifferent in the selection procedure.

Holistic development

The tutelage will integrate a holistic approach of ameliorating the social status of the Murid in society (In Deen and Dunya). His Highness helps in manifesting the "inner potential" of the Murid and to revolutionize their relationship with God almighty that will materialize in worldly well-being. In this manner spirituality "Tazkiya" is an important factor through which the evolution of oneself will be achieved.