Royal Afghan Opposition

Bringing Afghanistan back to peace

His Serene Highness Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik and his father are as the most influential members of the Barakzai dynasty leading the current Royal Afghan opposition.

Royal legitimacy

His Royal Highness is member of the Azizi branch of the Barakzai dynasty as a descendant of Sultan Mohammed Khan Telai, the first King of Barakzai Afghanistan (tomb in picture).

Meritocratic Legitimacy

H.R.H. Prince Abdul Khaliq was the father of Afghan physics and right hand of H.R.H. Prince Daoud Khan as UN ambassador and special member of his cabinett. H
R.H. Prince Raphael is his grandson. 

Furthermore H.S.H.´s father H.R.H. Sultan Masood pays tribute to his father´s legacy as de facto most influential Barakzai royal today.

International Legitimacy

His Royal Highness is strongly networked internationally in various royal families and political sectors, having the highest reputation as Afghan Barakzai Royal. 

Religious Legitimacy

His Royal Highness is as descendant of Hazrat Ishaan 54th hereditary Imam and thus successor of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) of Naqshbandi Sunni Islam, which is the traditional branch of Islam the Afghans follow.

Ethnic Legitimacy

The Tajiks and Pashtuns make up the majority of Afghanistan. His Serene Highness belongs to both groups (Pashtun affiliated father and Tajik affiliated mother) and thus generates an equillibirum of interest with his rank as Imam of Prophet Muhammad´s family (pbuh) as crown jewel. 

Pashtun: brown
Tajik: Green