Sub-Authorities of the Chancellory


Hazrat Ishaan Science Authority

Think Tank on the promotion of Natural Science and supportive Reason based on an optimized Ontology.


Hazrat Ishaan Futures Authority

Think Tank on the Easement of Recruitment and career advise for HRH Religious followers.


Hazrat Ishaan Diplomatic Authority

Think Tank on International Relations to which the Swiss based GGC, co-founded by HRH belongs.

The Imam al Askari Auditing Institution

Alliance of International Aid

Global Governance Council

His Royal Highness is Chairman of the Global Governance Council that is based in Switzerland and is dedicated to know how transfer in the field of Governmental Sciences. Annual Meetings are held in order to talk about current International Relations and exchange in Consultations as well as Skills in the field of Governance. The Council consists of practicing or former Statesmen in ministerial Level, who bring value to the Council through their Experience. HRH´s Special Envoy for Swiss and Liechtenstein Affairs Andreas F. Liesch is acting as General Secretary of the Council.