ADNAAN Initiative


Empowering Leaders of tomorrow 

In honor of His Royal Highness's most favourite disciple and right hand raised as chancellor.

Sayyid Muhammad Adnaan Ahmed Mirza

As current Hazrat Ishaan (Supreme Ishaan) of the Naqshbandi branch of Islam, The Prince is willing to empower the life of his religious followers in a holistic manner, enabling them to be part of his Private Chancellory.

کمک با خد کمکی

"Help through Self-Help"

In order to establish qualitative leaders "Help through self-help" is the central Motto which the Sayyid´s family has used in their philanthropic projects since 30 years.



His Royal Highness is keen to develop his religious followers as global leaders. For this purpose he manifests their way of specialization and make them immensely well connected experts and leaders in our globalized society. This programm of traditional Persian Mysticism carried out by Sufi Sheikhs is traditionally known as "Shahrahnumai" or "King-making"

ADNAAN Initiative (Leadership Programm)

Anjuman Diwan Aali Astaan Naqshbandian

Independance of Murideen

Through his ADNAAN Initiative His Royal Highness is empowering Independance for his spiritual followers in a political and economical manner, so that they can manifest their "hidden qualities" in worldly leadership.

Clerical Guidance

His Royal Highness is not only a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by blood but also by merit, hinting on his huge clerical knowledge.

He is an expert in law and mysticism in all fields of the religion and heads the Qadiri Naqshbandi Sufi belief.


His Royal Highness has a brilliant sense of quality in a wide spectrum. 

As a holy aristocrat, he combines worldly Excellence with moral and inner perfection, guiding his followers to qualitative Excellence.



"Crowning" (Philosophy)

Opening the eye of the heart

يكتاپرستى (Yektaparasti)

Monotheism is esential in achieving a life in quality. The Murideen shall dedicate their life in service for God almighty, for it is not money that provides, it is God and his influence in guiding our way.

رسالت (Risalat)

The Prophets with Prophet Muhammad as seal are the ultimate mediators between God and mankind. They are our guides in flesh and blood whose traditions of justice, spirituality and triviality are essential to understand the holy scriptures of God.

امامت (A´Imamat)

The Imam/Ishaan of the time is the post-prophetic mediator between God and mankind as successor of Prophet Muhammad through Ali. This chain of knowers of the Quran went on until it reaches His Royal Highness as current Grand Master.

دراجت (Daraajat)

Jahangir was a historical disciple of the Naqshbandi Conferedation lead by His Royal Highness´s ancestors who intermarried with Jahangir´s descendants. An Emperor who is known as the "World conqueror" because of his elevated status of power and influence. The Sayyid´s vision is that all his Murideen may become Jahangirs.

جماعت (Jamaat)

The congregation is important to generate a life in psychological quality. Gatherings may they be physical or online shall help the Murideen to be integrated in the Confederation and be trained as Scholars. Independant what ethnical or economical background. All are Welcome!

امانت (Amanat)

But the minimal needs do not all the time suffice. Especially in light of dangers. Security, may it be physical or career-wise is necessary for the disciple of the Confederation to maintain his state in peace.

تعليم (Taalim)

It is a duty to safeguard the Murid's access to education in order to gain tellectual perfection as well as a status in society.